Our Services



This is our first love, you can leave the brainstorming to us or share your design ideas and we’ll bring them to life.

Each bespoke award starts as a 2D design inspired by your company logo, corporate branding or award ceremony theme. We will listen to your requirements and guide you through the most suitable materials and designs to suit any budget, timescale and subject matter.



Our most powerful machine

Capable of cutting straight through 50mm of metal or stone to create beautifully profiled, solid pieces of award shaped art! The bed size is 800 x 1400mm, so if it fits we can cut it!


CNC Milling

Machine milling enables us to cut and shape wood and metal into a range of simple and complex designs.

This process can also be used to engrave metals at varying depths.


Co2 Laser Cutting

If you’re thinking: “No, Mr Bond. I expect you to die” you’re looking in the wrong place, we’re not Bond villains!

But if you’re looking for precision cut acrylic in a variety of colours, shapes and thicknesses we can do that. The CO2 laser is also used to mark/burn designs into wooden awards to create a more natural look.



We can etch text, logo’s and images onto glass and crystal awards.

We have two sandblasting cabinet’s, most awards will fit into our standard one but if you have a large item that requires a frosted finish or etched design we have Big Bertha – a 2m x 1m cabinet!


Fibre Laser

High speed, precision marking directly onto most metals.

Perfect for adding text and logo details to award metal plaques and Aluminium bases.


UV Flatbed Printer

The addition of high-quality printing, direct to awards is a great way to include corporate branding or award ceremony themes into the design.

We print onto any flat surface wood, metal, glass or acrylic.


3D Printing

Making your ideas reality.

Printed items are available as a finished piece in either bronze or copper filament which is buffed to a smooth metallic finish. We also make moulds from the 3D prints to create casts for resin, aluminium or pewter pieces.