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“Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.”
Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins

5 years ago we bought a sand blasting cabinet and turned our design skills and creative thinking towards awards and recognition within business. In a short space of time we’ve gone from a small design agency in a 10ft square office to an office barn conversion and workshop which includes a CNC cutter, laser machine, waterjet cutter, 3D printers and two sand blasting cabinets… all in order to cut, sand, polish and etch awards that you would be delighted to have represent your company and the hard work of those selected to receive them.


Our creative beginnings as two graphic designers mean your awards are off to a good start. So if you’re stuck for an initial concept we’re more than happy to throw ideas at you (not literally). We can design and manufacture bespoke awards in house, whilst being mindful of budget, timescale and corporate guidelines.


We’re constantly pushing our creative services into new and exciting realms so that we can offer something to suit all business sectors. Our client base currently includes businesses in the automotive industry, multinational communications and IT, financial, Publishing and creative agencies to name but a few.

3D Printed dog on skis

Fancy a chat? If you have a project you would like to discuss call us on 01332 825727 or get in touch via our contact page